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General Parish Council meeting 7.30 p.m. 7 August at St Stephens Church, South Godstone

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A message from Sam Gyimah MP re Gatwick’s Route 3

Dear all,

I write to you about action being taken to reduce aircraft noise over Route 3.

Last Friday, I had a very positive meeting with representatives from Nutfield Parish Council, Nutfield Conservation Society and Gatwick. We discussed the detrimental impact the noise is having on the quality of life for local residents and possible solutions going forward. It is absolutely vital that the local community across Nutfield sends a clear message that action must be taken to reduce Route 3 aircraft noise.

Therefore, I have launched a petition to support this initiative.

You can sign the petition here http://bit.ly/2kvijiy

Having reviewed the Sites Consultation document that is being proffered as the latest consultation under Regulation 18 for the Local Plan, the Godstone Parish Council finds the document to be unnecessarily contradictory and confusing. 

The quality of the information that has been produced is, at the very least, questionable.  The single most important piece of data on which the draft plan is based is the need to build 9,400 dwellings over the period of the plan. How this figure has been arrived at is far from clear. The methodology used to calculate this number is shrouded in secrecy, (comments of ‘it is very complicated, you wouldn’t understand’ have been received), and appears to be based on flawed data. If flawed data is used as the basis for the calculations, no matter how robust the methodology, the data produced as a result will be equally flawed.

The quantity of information that needs to be read and understood, (being in excess of 3,500 pages across all documents), to enable a full understanding of the draft plan is beyond the time available and patience of the average resident. This seems to be an intentional diversionary tactic as other district councils that are producing Local Plans appear to have managed to do so with far fewer documents and far fewer pages of contradictory information.

The level of communication to the residents by the TDC during the development of the draft plan has been totally inadequate and only in the later stages has any attempt at consultation occurred. Even then, there has been a very one sided approach – it has not been a consultative process, more a dictatorial explanation of what has been decided. Consultations have been condescending with statements like, “it is very complicated, we can’t explain it here” and “you wouldn’t understand, you need to be a planning expert to understand this”.

No attempt has been made to produce a simple summary document that could be read and understood by residents who for whatever reason have not accessed the thousands of pages on the TDC website. Whilst the Green Belt Assessment methodology is explained within the 3,500 pages it is certainly not understood by the average resident, nor is the criteria that defines Green Belt land. The recent ‘wrap’ that was published with the Tandridge County Border News was all ‘spin’ with very little factual evidence behind it.

The TDC has totally ignored The Godstone Parish Council and not once during the formation of the draft plan has any TDC representative formally consulted or addressed The Parish Council. This has resulted in totally alienating what could have been a valuable communication channel.

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