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Parish Council meeting - 3 December 2018 at 7.30pm at St Stephen's Church, South Godstone

Finance Committee Meeting - 21 November 2018 at 10am at The Bounty, Godstone

Planning Committee Meeting - TBC for November 2018 


Godstone Green is an area of common land situated in the centre of Godstone Village and was given to Godstone Parish Council by Sir Peter Greenwell in 1950. Godstone Green_10-12

The Green comprises a grassed area bordered on all sides by a variety of trees, noteably some venerable Horse Chestnuts.

Facilities include a sports pavilion, 2 football pitches, cricket square, childrens' play area, and a boules pitch. In addition tennis and bowling are catered for in an area south of the Green.

The Green is a venue for a number of events such as occasional funfairs and a very popular Village Fete and Donkey Derby held every August Bank Holiday. In 2012 the Green hosted a special event for the Queen's Golden Jubilee and later on large crowd witnessed the Olympic Flame passing through the village.

In earlier times the pond on Godstone Green was used as a horse-pond with a sloping bank down which the wagoners drove their horses. To-day the pond has a brick surround and a central island. Although fed solely by surface drainage, it attracts a variety of bird life and is a much-loved feature.

A rope making business used to operate on the Green until the beginning of the 20th Century and until recent times the old Rope Walk could still be seen faintly.

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