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Parish Council Meeting - 3 December 2018 at 7.30pm at St Stephen's Church, South Godstone

Finance Committee Meeting - 21 November 2018 at 10am at The Bounty, Godstone

Planning Committee Meeting - TBC for November 2018


Godstone Parish Council - Mission ,Vision, Aims, Objectives and Targets for 2017/18

Mission: (what we do)

Is to act, in those areas for which we are responsible, in a balanced way for the benefit of the overall community while safeguarding the heritage and rural character of the Parish and the wider environment.

Vision: (what success in our mission looks like)

By working with local organisations to protect and improve the social,recreational and environmental well-being of Godstone Parish and the lives of all who live, visit or work here and to be recognised by residents, the District and County Councils as a cost effective value adding group that makes a positive contribution to the quality of life in the Parish.

Our aims in areas that are within our remit and under our control are to :-

1 Provide effective, efficient and accountable local government for Godstone Parish residents
2 Listen to and to value the opinions of the community which we serve, thus enabling residents to be involved in decision making and future plans which affect their environment or lives.
3 Engage in open dialogue with all residents to understand their needs and concerns and seek ways of assisting in meeting them.
4 Be a strong voice to represent residents views to Tandridge District council and to other agencies where appropriate.
5 Engage positively in the protection and improvement of both the built and natural environment within the means of the council.
6 Achieve the best financial value in the provision of high quality amenities and services for residents.
7 Keep residents informed about the work undertaken by the Parish Council and about local issues.
8 Be open and transparent in all aspects of our operation.
9 Pursue excellence through continuous improvement through self-evaluation and trading if appropriate

Objectives :

Our Objectives may be considered as those that are ongoing and those that are Targets that are for a defined period currently 2017/2018

Ongoing Objectives:


To consider, from a local perspective, all planning matters that effect the Parish and provide comment to Tandridge council on their impact to local residents, the wider community and the rural nature of the Parish

2.         Environment

2.1 To safeguard and maintain the areas of common land owned by the Parish for the benefit of residents.

To safeguard the Blindley Heath Common SSSI.(Special Site of Scientific Interest)

2.3 To promote best practice to safeguard the environment of the Parish and the local area.

3.         Community Wellbeing.

3.1 To work with local bodies, both official and voluntary, to improve the community spirit, protect the local culture and traditions, and foster a good image of the Parish
3.2 To liaise ,where possible ,with the local police to raise resident’s concerns over crime and anti-social behaviour.including traffic offences
3.3 To maintain and enhance recreational facilities in the Parish
3.4 To provide allotments and to ensure these facilities are maintained in a responsible way.
3.5 To support activities within the Parish that provides benefits to the local economy and community spirit.
3.6 To maintain burial grounds and monuments

4.         Administration

4.1 To work in an open and transparent way ensuring all aspects of Parish Council affairs are run cost effectively with the minimum levels of bureaucracy required by legislation. .
4.2 To inform residents of Parish Council matters in a cost effective way using appropriate means of communication.for example web site and notice boards.
4.3 To meet the statutory requirements and our standing orders in respect to regular meetings publishing agenda's and minutes
4.4 To review on an annual basis in April the Godstone Parish Council -
Mission ,Vision,Aims,Objectives and Targets document an update as appropriate

5.         Financial

5.1 To manage the Parish Councils finances in such a way to ensure best value for residents whilst providing transparent and accountable records of expenditure.
5.2 To support charities and voluntary organisations within the parish through grants, where possible, and practical involvement.
5.3 Over a 4 year period ,the life of a parish council ,spend a minimum of 60% of the net precept (after administrative costs) on projects for the good of the community

6.         Targets for 2017/18

6.1 Complete the construction of the new carpark for Godstone Green. Supports objectives 3.1, 3.3 and 3.5.
6.2 Rationalise the parish allotments on to a single site (Salisbury Road) and to refurbish the allotment area at Salisbury Road to provide more allotments, a better layout, onsite parking space and a water supply. Supports objective 3.4
6.3 To compile and up to date register of Parish assets including detail and accurate maps of Parish owned land. Supports objective 4.1.
6.4 To repair the Godstone pavilion clock and maintain it. Supports objectives 3.1 and 3.3.
6.5 To install new and/or repair the Parish noticeboards. Supports objective 4.2 and 6.9
6.6 To improve the organisation, maintenance and appearance of the burial grounds in Godstone and Blindley Heath. Supports objective 3.1 and 3.6
6.7 To carefully scrutinise the Tandridge District "Local Plan" and where appropriate, challenge the plan in its draft form using the most appropriate methods recognising this plan will be the foundation of planning strategy for the entire district for the next 20 years.Supports objective 1.1

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